Prospect Park Hospital - Experience at Psychiatric Wards

The experience of people admitted to psychiatric wards at Prospect Park Hospital in Berkshire Inside this report: Views of more than 40 people collected by the six local Healthwatch in Berkshire, October 2017
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Key findings

  • 81% of people (29 out of 36) said they felt hospital staff treated them with dignity and respect

• 80% of people (32 out of 40) said they had not been given a date for their discharge from hospital

• 75% of people (30 out of 40) said they took part in activities at the hospital

• 69% of people (27 out of 39) said they had been told about their right to have an independent mental health advocate (IMHA)

• 67% of people (27 out of 41) said they had been in contact with a community service before coming into hospital

• 62% (24 out of 39) people said they had not had their care and treatment plan explained to them in hospital


See the full report here.