Our staff

Arunjot Mushiana - Healthwatch Manager 

Arunjot  joined the Healthwatch team from Citizen’s Advice Slough in 2016. Passionate about empowering people to speak up about their experiences and quality service delivery.
Arunjot has experience of working in Mental Health Services Development, Women’s Health, Carers Groups and Domestic Violence in various roles ranging from Community Development, Training & Consulting, Campaigning, Policy Development and Management. Arunjot  also runs a private practice as an Independent Health Care Practitioner.

Chaia Dechen - Healthwatch Officer 

Chaia joined the Healthwatch team in October of 2019.  Chaia is a co-founding member of the Afrolatinas Latinidades Festival, the biggest black women's festival in Latin America that is still running today. Chaia also traveled across Brazil documenting community powered social technologies for the Brazilian Bank Foundation and has worked extensively as an activist for social justice using visual communication as her main tool. 

Now back in the UK and pursuing her lifelong passion for health and wellness, Chaia continues her work with empowering communities by helping to voice their opinions and share their experiences in order to make an impact on the services they receive within Health and Social Care.


Our volunteers

  • Misbah Latif
  • Zhora Jefferies
  • Aruna Dawda
  • Sheila Akinlabi 
  • Mary Abraham