Accident and Emergency - To Go or Not to Go?

At our Peoples Assembly in January 2017 we created the opportunity for members of the public to engage with key facilitators with regards to the services received at A & E. Our Guests included: Sir Andrew Morris - Chief Executive of Frimley Health
Integrated care teams will try to keep people well in their own homes and "avoid them bouncing in and out of A&E"
— Sir Andrew Morris - Chief Executive of Frimley Health

What were the main points raised: 

  • Peoples should be redirected to more appropriate services. 
  • Changing behaviour: "There should be a national campaign: try somewhere else first [before going to A&E]" - to raise awareness of other options such as 111, NHS Choices, advice from pharmacist, GP.
  • Using 111 gives a better understanding if the issue requires a visit to A & E 


Please see the full report from our Peoples Assembly here 

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